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Jungseok Memorial Library: Off-Campus Access to DB

Off-Campus Access to DB

How to use

  1. Log in to the library homepage
  2. Accessing sites through Homepage main page Popular Database banners or list shortcuts
  3. 3.Support for Windows, Mac-based PC and cross-browser
  4. Supports both iOS and Android mobile devices

Using a site with a direct URL input

  1. Log in to the library homepage
  2. Enter a site address url enter 
  3. (Example)DBPIA:
  4. It is possible only for the site of the electronic resource which is subscribed for charge in the Jungsuk library.

Precautions and enquiries when using

  1. Excessive download may result in a suspension.
  2. In the event of a connection failure, please contact your Off-Campus Access helps manager

Off-Campus Access Helps

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