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Jungseok Memorial Library: Facility Guides

Facility Guides




Jungseok Lounge

There are 54 PCs, 59 Team-play seats, 79 seats for rest, 12 group study rooms at Jungseok Lounge.
Users can take e-classes, access to various kinds of academic resources such as E-journal, Web-DB, e-Book etc by using PCs.
Wireless Internet and LCD monitors for presentation practice are available at Group study rooms.
Users can use Computers and group study rooms by making reservation from Library Facilities Reservation System. (
Reservation is possible from 24 hours before the time you want to use. Users can continually extend 2 hours of their reservation by renewing.


Information Center

Jungseok Memorial Library arrange books by subject (Science&Technology / Art&Humanities / Social Science) There are books, periodicals, reference books, theses related to each subject. Each Floor has 8 group study rooms, computers for searching and reading seats.


Multimedia Center

Multimedia Center is a place where users can use various kinds of multimedia facilities and application softwares (photoshop, illustrator…). It offers facilities like DVD with 5.1 audio channels, e-book creation system.
Also, it is available to access to the internet by using smart TV and record presentation with recording system at smart group study rooms. It is necessary to make reservation( before using every seats and facilities of Multimedia Center. Users can continually extend 2 hours of their reservation by renewing.


Convention Center / Conference Room

There are 24 seats at reading room and every seats are appointed as a reservation system for each semester. Please refer to the notice update for the use of reading room. (ASK 032-860-7097)


General Reading Room

This floor has 1,334 seats in total including 410 seats in each the 1st and the 3rd reading rooms and 514 seats in the 2nd reading room. One third of the total seats can be reserved through the Internet and the rest are claimed on the first-come first-served basis. Reservation is possible from 24 hours before the time you want to use with application or reservation system. Application and library homepage offer user-guide (



With mobile racks that can store over one million books, this repository preserves books that are not frequently used. It is operated as closed-stack.Books can be rented to students on their request. Users can learn how to make request for books in the repository at each floor’s information desk or library homepage.

Shower room

Shower rooms are available each for men / women. 6 shower booths are installed in men’s shower room and 3 for women's. Hours of use : 07:30-21:00


There are 724 Lockers on B2F. Ask 032-873-9138