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Jungseok Memorial Library: Circulation



After searching material information from the library's homepage, you can look for the materials in the appropriate floor - 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. The bibliographic information is classified into three categories - Science& Technology (2nd floor), Arts & Humanities (3rd floor) and Social Science (4th floor). By classifying and arranging a variety of materials (such as monographs, magazines, thesis, and reference books) by topics. You may borrow any materials other than serials and reference books easily at any Circulation Desk on each floor.

Operating time

Floor During the semester During vacation
Weekday Saturday Sunday Weekday Saturday Sunday
6F At the event At the event Closed At the event At the event Closed
5F 09~18 Closed Closed 09~17 Closed Closed
2~4F 09~21 09~17 Closed 09~17 09~13 Closed
★ The check out / check in is up to 30 minutes before the deadline.
1F 09~21 09~17 Closed 09~17 09~13 Closed
B1F 00~24 00~24 00~24 00~24 00~24 Closed
★ The first and second reading rooms are operated 24 hours a day (3rd reading room: 06:00 to 24:00)
B2F Closed stack


  • Legal holidays
  • University foundation anniversary
  • The day that library director admits


You can loan books with your ID card at information center (2-4F).


For renewing the due date, you can request renewal through the library website three days before the due date. But you can’t renew for the following.

  • If there is an overdue book or a fine that is not paid, you can’t renew.
  • If the book you want to renew is reserved, you can’t renew.

Renewing can be done on the homepage if the following conditions are met.

  • If you do not have overdue books or penalties.
  • If book borrowing reservation is not made by another user.


User group Monographs Accompanying Materials Renews
Faculty members 40 vols, 90 days 40 ea, 90 days 90 days
Non-fulltime faculty members,
Contract researchers,
30 vols, 90 days 30 ea, 90 days 30 days
Graduate students,
Administrative Staffs
30 vols, 30 days 30 ea, 30 days 10 days
Undergraduates 15 vols, 15 days 15 ea, 15 days 7 days
Temporary Loan users
(Graduates, Citizen of Incheon etc.)
5 vols, 15 days 5 ea, 15 days 7 days


The borrowed materials shall be returned to the following place.

  • The circulation desk that you checked out the materials.
  • Return at Self Check-in Machines. (Building #2(North) (1F) Lobby, Library (B1F) )
  • (Except for Accompanying materials, Overdue books, Reserved book)


  • If the books are overdue, you shall be charged with a specified amount of fines (100 won per book per day).
  • The request notice for returning overdue books or materials shall be made through e-mails up to five times.
  • If you fail to return such books or materials even after 5 notices, they shall be deemed to be lost and the sixth e-mail shall be sent with the imposition of a fine to cover the loss.


If you lose any borrowed books or materials, you may have to replace them with the same copies or ask a librarian in case you fail to purchase the same item.

Book Holding (Reservation)

If all the copies of materials in need are checked out, make a reservation. 
After searching the library's materials, you can select the Request button.
Number of Items that can be reserved are different for the user group. person. 

  • Faculty members : 40 vols
  • Non-fulltime faculty members, Contract researchers, Researcher, Graduate students, Administrative Staffs : 30 vols
  • Undergraduates: 15 vols
  • Temporary Loan users (Graduates, Citizen of Incheon etc.): 5 vols

If all the copies of materials in need are checked out, make a reservation. Number of Items that can be reserved :2 books per person
You will be unable to place on hold following conditions:

  • If you have any overdue books
  • If any copy of the book is available on the shelf
  • In case the number of people on the waiting list has exceeded the limit(5people have reserved the same item)
  • Accompanying materials, nonbook materials or materials not to be checked out.

Request for books
at the repository

You can read or loan books at the repository after making request at the library homepage. It is possible to pick-up books after 10am, Monday if you make request after 16:30 Friday (vacation : 15:30) because repository is closed on Saturdays.

How to Request

Library homepage -> Search -> Click -> 'request· reservation'button after searching materials you want

Notes on

The number of books for ‘Request for books at the repository’ (include book reservation, purchase request, request of priority cataloging..) is restricted by user status below.

  • Faculty : 40books
  • Part-time instructor, graduate student : 30books
  • Undergraduate : 15books
  • Temporary user : 5books

The request will be canceled unless pick up within 7 days


Inter Library Loan

Books not held in Jungseok Memorial Library collections may be requested as a loan from another library.

How to Request

Library homepage My Library - Interlibrary LoanRequest.

Notes on

  • You can borrow up to 3 books at a time.
  • Borrowing Term : from the day you receive ~15 days. * Renew is allowed only once but must be done at least 3 days before due date.
  • Delivery Method: Courier
  • Fee: ₩5,000 = Round-trip courier fee (one way ₩2,500)
  • Overdue Fine = ₩500 for every additional day from due date.
  • For any further information or questions, please contact the interlibrary loan service manager. (Tel:032-860-9025,

Document Delivery Service

A part of a periodical, thesis, or book not held in Jungseok Memorial Library collections may be requested as a photocopy from another library or document source.

How to Request

Library homepage My Library - Interlibrary Loan Request.


Copy Shipping method Postal charge copying fee Term
KERIS Ordinary mail ₩900 40 ~ 70 / page 4 ~ 5 days
Express mail ₩3,100 40 ~ 70 / page 2 ~ 3 days
Electronic delivery ₩100 / page 1 ~ 2 days
Fax ₩200 / page 1 ~ 2 days
NII International mail ¥35 ~ ¥40 / p. + Postage 7 ~ 14 days
NDSL Ordinary / Express / E-mail ₩1,500 / 1 ~ 10p. 1 ~ 7 days
₩2,000 / More than 11 pages
BLDSC International mail $14 / case
(Varies according to exchange rate)
7 ~ 14 days
MEDLIS Fax / express delivery ₩600 ₩200 / p. 1 day

Notes on

  • Please check the possession of the Jeongseok library through the search of the collection materials.
  • For any articles published after the year 1990, check the E-journal of E-resources to find out whether the articles are already subscribed before request.
  • In case of articles of domestic journals, please apply after checking whether the original texts are available through E-Resources' domestic journals.
  • In case of the dissertation of domestic scholarship / doctoral thesis, please apply after confirming whether or not the original text is available at the publishing university library homepage or the National Assembly Library.
  • For any further information or questions, please contact the interlibrary loan service manager.