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Jungseok Memorial Library: About Library

About Library

Jungseok Memorial Library contributes to the scholarly, creative,
and professional achievements of students, faculties
and staffs by providing environment essential to teaching, learning and research.

Our Missions


JSML supports on teaching, study and research by organizing and developing high-quality academic materials.

  1. Guarantee the newest publishing information sources of domestic and overseas.
  2. Develop, organize and manage of books, multimedia contents and electronic information resources.
  3. Reflect user’s opinion when develop materials.

Use of Information

JSML provides full support to prevent any problems possible to happen in time, space and policy obstacles to using various learning

  1. Offer the network environment for easy and quick access to the information materials.
  2. Minimize time and space restriction by digitizing academic
  3. Adopt the newest technology and information access method


JSML offers environment with complete facilities and proper atmosphere for studying and builds the high-tech infra structure for the future information environment.

  1. Offer and maintain facilities that consider the convenience, safety and familiarity.
  2. Offer the best environment for studying.
  3. Support to access to multimedia and electronic materials.
  4. Adopt up-to-date equipment to prevent any difficulties that might happen in the future.


JSML expands and promotes exchanging of academic information to share the knowledge of university.

  1. Take the lead to make agreement and exchange information with other institutions.
  2. Build the industrial-educational-cooperation system.
  3. Offer materials and services to the local community.

1954 ~ 1960

Founding of INHA University
Establishing the Library with 605 books (264㎡)
Construction of the new Library building

1961 ~ 1970

Extending Library opening hours until midnight
Opening of the periodicals room
Opening of the reference books room

1971 ~ 1980

Moving Library to 1st and 2nd floors of the main building
Opening of the reserved books room

1981 ~ 1990

Moving to new central Library building (9,934㎡)
Starting to construct databases on books
Starting a computerized Library management system

1991 ~ 2000

Introducing LAS(Library Automation System)
Developing and designing of a basic plan for Jungseok Memorial Library
Ground-Breaking for Jungseok Memorial Library

2001 ~ 2010

Completing Jungseok Memorial Library building (Total area: 25,185㎡)
Grand opening of Jungseok Memorial Library
JULIAS (Jungseok Memorial Library Information Access System) has been in operation.
Certified with ISO 9001:2000 on Quality Management System
Opening of the Logistics &Transportation Information Room
Opening of the Law Library
Opening of the Medical Library
Achieving 1.5 million volumes

2011 ~ Current

Renovating Multimedia Center learning environment
Re-Certified with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
10th anniversary of the Library opening
Achieving 1.6 million volumes
Publish ‘10-year story of Jungseok Memorial Library (2003-2013)
Opening of Complex Cultural Space
Opening of Jungseok Lounge and Reading room for graduate school students
  • Library Management Team Acquisition, Cataloging . Planning, Promoting, facilities management.
  • Library Information Resource & Access Service Team Acquisition of Multimedia and electronic information. Management of academic information system.
  • Law LibraryOffers Logistics DB and Various law information
  • Medical LibraryOffers online DB related to medical and DDL service

Contact by department

Team Room Position Name Assigned task Inline(860~) E-Mail
    Director Kim Youn Sung   9000
Deputy Director Kim Dong Jo   9001
Library Management Team   Team Leader Kim Dong Jo Management 9002
Deputy Team Leader Back Seung Ha Aquisition(Purchase/Donation) 9003
  Yoon Jae Joong Library System/Facilities Management/eBook/ 9006
  Jung Eun Kyung Acquisition(Purchase) 9004
  Bae Kyoung Mi Acquisition(Donation)/General Affairs 9010
  Kim Woo Ri Cataloging/Planning&PR/LibraryTour/User Education 9009
  Kim Sun Hei Cataloging 9011
Jungseok Lounge       9035  
Library Information Resource & Access Service Team Multimedia center Team leader Lee Hye Kyung Management 9030
  Shin Young Jin Multimedia Service/Screen Room/VR Room 9033
Science and Technology          
  Lee Sun Young ILL/Document Delivery/Self-Return System 9018
  Oh Eun Bi Periodicals 9021
  Kim Bo Yeon Circulation 9020
Arts and Humanities Deputy Team Leader Lee Hye Kyung Circulation/Book Event 9005
  Bang Eun Ji Membership card/Information room operation 9022
  Seo Joo Yeon  Periodicals 9023
  Jung So Hyun Circulation 9024
Social Science   Kim Gyoung Mo E-Journal /Web DB/Periodicals/Academic DB education 9026
  Hong Mi Lan
  Kim Da Min Membership card/
  Bang Eun Ji Circulation 9027
Preservation book     Repository 9029
Law Library Law Information Center Branch Manager Lee Hye Kyung Management 9036
  Kim Yong Hae Management of Law Library 9037
  Lee Jung Circulation 9038
Medical Library Medicine Information Center Branch Manager Lee Hye Kyung Management 9036
  Kim Yong Hae Management of Medical Library 9879
    Circulation 9880  
Hospital Library   Kim Min Ji Management of On-line materials/User education 032-890-2643