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Jungseok Memorial Library: Branch


Law Library was opened in October, 2007 and has a total area of ​​1,553.8㎡, which has 324 seats and 60,991 legal books. It currently owns over 110,000 volumes and provides specialized services for intellectual property rights, human rights and labor.


Location Law School 4th Floor
Phone 032-860-9036~38
Facilities Reading Room, Electronic Commons, Meeting Room
Vacations Saturday, Sunday and other holidays

Facilities Status

Facility Status Remark
Multimedia PC 3 units Only for Information retrieval
Seminar Room 8 seats Inquire at the information desk for use
Electronic Common 9 seats -
Materials Reading Room 76 seats -


Division Status
Book 98,919 volumes
Printed Journal 37 kinds
Electronic Journal 24 kinds
Web DB 9 kinds
eBook 1,593 kinds
Multimedia 1,709 kinds
Medical Library was opened as a branch in Inha University Hospital in September, 1999 and integrated with Inha University Hospital Library in August, 2008. As the Graduate School of Medicine was transferred to the newly established 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall in August 2015, it is separated into the medical library (basic medicine) and the hospital library (clinical medicine) since September 2015.


Location Jungseok Memorial Library 5th Floor 520
Phones 032-860-9789, 9980
Facilities Reading Room
Vacations Saturday, Sunday and other holidays


Selection Status
Book 29,539 volumes
Printed Journal 11 kinds
Electronic Journal 879 kinds
Web DB 9 kinds
eBook 3,187 kinds
Multimedia 1,348 kinds